How I took a break from my family… and from the blog

How I took a break from my family

I always struggle to find good topics for the blog during the summer. Or Spring break. Or Christmas time. My children are off from school for these holidays, and time becomes a spare commodity. I’ve tried with sharing other’s articles, or recommending a good read from famous newspapers. I’ve even tried sharing updates about my “most read” posts. However, most of the time, I feel frustrated with the results. It’s time to try something new!

Today, I am in Easton, MD, taking a break from my job, and from my crazy, large family. Although I’ve had two completely new experiences, I really don’t feel like talking about my shopping at a gun store, or having a great talk with Judy at the Talbot County Democratic Central Headquarters. (I’ll save them for next month, I promise!)

So, today, I want to share my journey through Easton, MD. I walked through this little Maryland community for 6 hours, had a great lunch in the historic downtown, and spent the last hour sitting on the dock of the Easton Marina Point.

Easton is a little town on the Eastern shore of the Chesapeake Bay. I drove 50 minutes from Annapolis, and Washington, DC is only 1 1/2 hour away.

Just consider driving the Annapolis Bay Bridge outside the rush hours. In the summer, this means arriving before 10:00am in Annapolis and leaving late on Sunday evening if you don’t want to spend two hours queuing for the bridge. I know this for sure as it happened to me last year coming back from Chincoteague at the end of the peninsula.

This is what I love in Easton

Enjoy the pictures, and let me know if you’d like some easy-peasy reports of my travel during the summer!

– the quiet streets where you can stroll for hours

– the abandoned railroad that has been converted into a nice trail through the city

– the beautiful houses on Harrison Street

– my fantastic “Eastern Shore Crab Roll” at the Hunter’s Tavern (check the picture at the top of this blog!)

– the shops in Historic Downtown

– the Gardens of the Talbot Historic Society on South Washington Street

– and finally the simple, no frills “Easton Point Marina”, where I just sat for hours watching the water, a few boat and the sky

Please don’t forget to let me know how you like this break from my intercultural blogging. At this end, feel free to write a comment below or to send me an email.

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  • Dear Catherine, nice to see these beautiful pictures of Easton! Very picturesque. You would not have told where it is, I could have imagined some small town in Ireland or Scotland! Best, Francois

  • I think reading/seeing these beautiful pictures is a nice change and I’d rather read travel than have no posts at all or ones where you don’t feel like you’ve done your best.
    And in a way, this is still intercultural, since we see your very European take on American towns.

  • Catherine, what a great idea! I love reading travel blogs!! Please send more of those :). Thanks!

    • Thank you Evelyne! I was today in Oxford, this tiny town across the river. Again, I sat two hours relaxing, and watching the bay. I should really do this more frequently! Wait for Friday, I’ll probably write a second travel report before heading back home. Thanks again for reading my blog!

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