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Class trip to Puerto Rico - Selfie at the beach

As some of you may know, I am the proud mother of three. While my youngest two children go to American schools, my eldest Jasmine, who is almost 16, attends the German School in Washington D.C. My husband and I made this decision when we moved to the States, as we originally intended to stay for only two years.

Class trip to Puerto Rico for $1.700

The German School itself is okay. At times, though, I just struggle with this style of semi-private school that attracts children whose parents are from German companies or German-speaking embassies. Tuition is expensive, and class trips are unaffordable. Jasmine started the school year yesterday, and she and her class are supposed to visit Puerto Rico at the end of the school year. Last year, the class trip cost around $1,700.

Okay, let’s look at this in detail. As I said, Jasmine’s class trip is—in my eyes—too expensive and not related to the purpose of school trips. However, ignoring the peer pressure to participate in the trip is difficult. Not surprisingly, other parents agreed with me. We met before the summer and decided to raise funds through selling baked goods, ice cream, pretzels, and even Quiches.

How to raise funds for the class trip?

Every Saturday morning, Jasmine and her classroom pals will sell homemade treats. I will contribute to the fundraising for the Puerto Rico class trip with Quiches, which are a French savory pie. My Quiches are filled with bacon, cream, and cheese. I’ve committed to preparing two baking sheets for the German Language School when it resumes on September 12th … and for a few other times during the school year.

Fundraising at school is very common in the States. I see fundraising at my youngest daughter’s daycare and at the elementary school of Yann. This is not common at all for those of us who are German or French. I participated in the 2014 fundraising campaign at the German School, not only in my role as a marketing professional but also by calling parents. Convince them to donate to the German School was not easy. Although embassy employees don’t pay a penny for their children’s tuition, school-bus fare, or books, they are used to the free public system in Germany. As a result, they were not willing to contribute to better equipment at the school.

Grocery shopping from home made easy

Once more, I appreciate how simple it is to get information today, thanks to digital technology. I needed to find out how much it would me cost to make two baking sheets of Quiche. In addition, I didn’t want to leave the office to go to the supermarket to check prices. Instead, I used the website Peapod, which is Giant’s online grocery shop. I also could have downloaded their app on my smartphone, which would be convenient if I wanted to order regularly.

Even though I’m a regular online shopper and a loyal Amazon customer, I don’t order groceries online. Why? Primarily, because Trader Joe’s doesn’t offer online groceries. You know what? I don’t really mind if Amazon knows several facts about me. Since I clear my internet cache regularly, navigate the internet in private mode, and restrict my activity-tracking, I avoid weird advertisements while surfing the internet. So far, Amazon has stopped offering me suggested items.

Big Brother is watching you

However, I’m very aware that these precautions don’t work with Google. I don’t get the same results from Google if I use my computer from home or my friend’s computer in her home. While reading that, a competitor with Peapod, announced a cooperation with Google last May that will funnel delivery services into your search results, I realized that Google could acquire valuable information about my family’s eating habits. Yikes. Big Brother is watching you.

By the way, when Jasmine was a baby, she and I lived alone on the fourth floor of an old building. Schlepping groceries plus the maxi-cosi was a nightmare. Should I leave the baby alone in the apartment while going back and forth to the car? Do I leave her downstairs? Or in the car? Ten years ago, I decided to try the delivery service from REWE, a leading German retail chain. Their service was amazing! Suddenly, I always had enough sparkling water at home and wasn’t forced to schlep anything while juggling a baby anymore. So maybe now I should try Peapod or Amazon Fresh. Who knows? It might be great.

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