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Looking to drive more cross border business?

If you want an experienced marketing consultant with a proven track record of performance in cross border business, you are in the right place. Market entry and market development in France, Germany or in the US can pose significant challenges, and your company’s success depends on cultural know-how, management of differences and linguistic proficiency. Get in touch with me via the contact info below. I’d like to talk about your needs!

I have worked in global marketing, strategy and digital business in France, Germany and the United States for the last 25 years. I have extensive hands-on marketing experience in diverse industries  such as Food, Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Cosmetics, Financial Services, Tourism, and much more.

My skills enable me to support your cross border development by providing the following consulting services:

– Cultural and business insights

– Business development strategy

– Step-by-step marketing strategy

– Digital marketing consultancy

– Tri-lingual services: English, French and German

– Project management

– Interim management

What do my clients say?

“Merci encore une fois d’être venue chez nous et d’accepter de nous parler de ton sujet préféré… Tous les membres des différentes Euro-Chambers auxquels j’ai parlé ont exprimé leur vive satisfaction à l’égard de ta présentation.” Louis C. Wendling, Wendling Financial Group

“Merci for your very informative, entertaining, and excellent presentation on “Cross-Border Marketing: How to Reach Your Audience & Sell Your Products” at the Minneapolis / St. Paul Euro Chambers program last evening. Bonne reminder to strive to listen more than talk when cultivating new and continuing to develop relationships in business, professional and personal life, too.” Chuck Barry, Eckland & Blando

“… pour vous dire que l’article est génial… Je serai ravie de continuer le dialogue avec vous si vous prévoyez d’en écrire d’autres.” Anne Kotmeier, CSC

“Frau Rochereul arbeitet äußerst effizient und versteht es, ihre kreativen Ideen in die Tat umzusetzen. Sie denkt über den Tellerrand hinaus und entwickelt dadurch neue Vermarktungsansätze.” Sabine Peters, Delta Lloyd.

About me

picture of Catherine Rochereul
About Catherine Rochereul-Portier

My name is Catherine Rochereul-Portier. I am a business consultant, writer and speaker. I have been working in global marketing, strategy and digital business for more than 20 years. In my consulting work, I have supported major French and German brands such as Caudalie, Dr. Beckmann, Bullrich, and Le Tartare. I have provided insights for Blistex in Germany and advised the Dutch financial services provider Delta Lloyd.

In addition to consulting full-time from my private business, I am also an active Writing Contributor for globaliznow.com, a French web news platform. I also serve as Board Member at the International Monetary Fund Family Association where I provide consulting on all communications issues.

I was born and grew up in France. After graduating from college, I began working in Germany where I advised German companies about conducting business in France. I also advised French companies about conducting successful business in Germany. Since 2013, my work has transitioned to the United States, where I serve as a marketing consultant for SMEs who want to develop their business in Europe or the US.

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